I wish to have a Play Station with a TV

Type of Wish: 
I wish to have
Child's Image: 
I wish to have a Play Station with a TV
Child's Name: 
Lamar Goodridge-Howell
Child's Age: 
12 years old

Children are so very special and so are their wishes - Lamar Goodridge-Howell (12 years old) wished for a Play Station with a TV. The beautiful smile shown on his face when he got the news that his wish would be granted on World Wish Day April 29th was a camera moment to behold. After receiving such wonderful news: this sweet, talkative and mannerly little boy kept asking everyone who visited him at the hospital, “Can I get my wish now” and the answer was always “in a few days, just relaxed we are planning something special for you”

As the planning got closer and closer to World Wish Day, the excitement intensified and soon everyone was eagerly looking forward to this special wish granting occasion. Sadly on the evening of April 22nd 2017, with just one week before our World Wish Day event, the sad news was given to us. Unbelievable and quite unexpectedly, Little Lamar Goodridge-Howell died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It was a joy to have met this adorable little boy, may he rest in eternal peace. 

Sadly Lamar Goodridge-Howell passed away on April 22, 2017